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Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International
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June 2011 Newsletter

IMG_5808Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International awarded the
Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award on May 14th, 2011:

Dear Friends,

I write to tell you that LBDFI has been awarded the Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award in recognition of the work it has been carrying out in India. It has been an extraordinary seven years filled with abundant blessings.

I send this to you all with sincere gratitude for the help you have given us in so many ways, in bringing the great Sangha to recite in Pali the teachings of the Perfectly Awakened One under the most Sacred Bodhi Tree, and in working to develop and beautify the great pilgrimage places of the Buddha. I also pray that you will all have the chance to participate in the great occasion of the International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony from December 2nd –12th 2011, now in its seventh year. It is truly a blessing to be able to serve in this manner.

As our work extends to beautify the holy places with Dharma bells, and with the regilding of the spire of the Mahabodhi Mahvihara, we have just begun a new initiative to help clean up the surrounding areas (called ‘Beautiful Bodhgaya’). We would love to be able to collaborate with all Sangha groups in this project and work together to support the motherland where the teachings gave birth.

May all the virtous deeds accumulated thus far be spread like Bodhi seeds to every corner of the Earth for the benefit of all beings.

with all my best wishes,

Wangmo on behalf of the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International

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Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award

Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award is an honorary award given to individual or organization who made contribution to Buddhism. This award is given to an individual or organization once in a lifetime as this is considered to be the highest honorary award of the life.

Sema Dhammacak Pillar award is made of a simple material in the shape of Dhamma wheel on a pillar. This symbolizes the dissemination of Buddhism and the contributor is regarded as the principle pillar of Buddhism. He/she holds an important role in preserving Buddhism and disseminates Buddhism far and wide.

Currently, the royal ceremony of awarding Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award is organized annually at the ceremonial ground of Sanam Luang (in front of the Emerald Buddha Temple) on the occasion of Visakha Puja day (Vesak). The ceremony presides over by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. HRH Princess hands over the award to all nominees who made contribution to Buddhism.

Background of the award

Selection of people who made contribution to Buddhism was initiated in 1982 which was the first year of the selection. However, the award was halted for one year till 1984, the year of founding the Center for Promoting Buddhism of Thailand. Department of Religious Affairs under Ministry of Education of Thailand and the Center for Promoting Buddhism of Thailand took this project to continue once again from selecting people who had contributed to Buddhism starting from 1982 to present day. Up to 2009 there were all together 2,758 people who have received this award both monastics and lay.

Qualification of awarding the Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award
The Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award is the highest honorary award given to an individual who made contribution to Buddhism and is selected by the Award Selection Committee. This award is given as a praising and recognizing the goodness of the nominees comprised of an individual, organization or government office and to announce their contribution among Buddhist public. This is to parade a good role model to society and youth of the nation as well as to honor and give mental support to their work of dissemination of Buddhism. The selection sub-committee carefully selects the nominees and the Selection Committee of Buddhism Promotional Week Project on the Occasion of Visakha Puja Day approves the nominee list

A selected individual will receive the Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award and the certificate from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn who will be inaugurating the Buddhism Promotional Week on the Occasion of Visakha Puja Day at the Sanam Luang royal ground every year.

Currently, the government office responsible for selecting the nominees for this award is the Department of Religious Affairs under Ministry of Culture. The Ministry annually appoints a special selection sub-committee to select the nominees for award. The award is considered within 10 different types of contribution such as dissemination of Buddhism in Thailand, Buddhist writing and so on. Nominee selections is made by two methods i.e. a well-known individual who has contributed to Buddhism and select through all documents proposed respectively by the provincial cultural offices. Generally, the award is given one or two awards to each province based on the size of population.

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Invitation to Attend a
Special Tribute on the 2600 Year of
Buddha’s Enlightenment

7th International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony
December 2nd-12th 2011
Bodhgaya, India

The dates for the next International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony are set for December 2nd-12th, 2011. This gathering of nine countries from all over the Theravada Sangha is truly a precious experience to have at least once in a lifetime.

We are calling on all lay participants to help us make this a special year to celebrate. If you are interested in sharing in the merit of this noble occasion, there are many ways you can help the International Tipitaka Chanting Council. If you would like to volunteer your time to make this a special year to remember, do contact us on


Sponsor a Monk for the Ceremony:

If you would like to share in the offering towards the ceremonial costs, to sponsor one monk for ten days costs $200. This offering includes food for all ten days, books, robe and transportation allowance within India.
Click on the button to see how you would like to help us this year!


In honor of your offering, we will acknowledge your gift in front of the Sangha as members of the LBDFI patrons for this ceremony.
Prayers will be said in the name of your family member or loved ones.

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Sacred Pilgrimage to the Holy Sites of the Buddha
Associate Director Nelson Chamma to Lead

Our Foundation is offering an intimate journey where you may make offerings directly to the Sangha for the 7th International Tipitaka Chanting Cerremony and also have the chance to travel with an experienced guide to the surrounding sites of Bodhgaya. Please do visit our website for further information on the dates and costs for this amazing journey under pilgrimage 2011:


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Beautiful Bodhgaya Project Launched
New Video


We have been busy with implementing a new website which is dedicated to our projects in Bodhgaya. This new initiative, Beautiful Bodhgaya, is a program to help clean up this most Sacred Place on Earth. Please do watch a new slideshow which chronicles this year’s ceremony along with new pictures from the opening of the Sujata Garden.

This new initiative can be found at

Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International
Annual Report for 2010-11
06329red 3Finally, we have enclosed our Annual Report for 2010-11 as an attachment. You may also see what projects lay ahead for us in 2012.

We would love to work together to bring these noble projects to fruition. Join us in this historical mission of serving the Buddhadharma in India!


With all our best wishes for a wonderful and healthy summer,

The Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International Team

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