A todos, Namaste!Abaixo, em Inglês, segue a transcrição da mensagem de Ano Novo, enviada a mim pelo Secretário Geral da Conferência Buddhista Mundial. No texto, o Ven. Hirôshi Fujikurá agradece pela mensagem de solidariedade que enviei, em nome do Brasil,  por ocasião do terremoto seguido de tsunami, explica a trágica situação da Nova Zelândia, Tailândia e outros países asiáticos que vêm sofrendo com catástrofes naturais e relata as providências que os membros da Seita Nembutsu Shu do Japão, responsável pela Conferência Mundial, têm tomado para aliviar o sofrimento das vítimas de tantas tragédias.
Finalizando a mensagem, o Secretário Geral afirma que uma nova edição da Conferência Buddhista Mundial está em fase de preparação, porém, sem país nem data definidas e que serei informado assim que decidirem onde e quando o evento será realizado.
Na condição de Representante Permanente do Brasil na Conferência Buddhista Mundial, fica então transmitida por mim a mensagem do Japão. Fiquem todos em Paz e protegidos!

January 1, 2012

Most Ven. Bhante Sunantho Bhikshu
Founder and Abbot of Universal Dhamma Vihara
Representative of Brazil to Buddhist Summit

Your Most Venerable,

I would like to express my greeting for a happy new year to Your Most Venerable
and your disciples.
I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Your Most Venerable for having
sent us the heartfelt message of sympathy at the occasion of the devastating Great
East Japan Earthquake in March, 2011.
To overcome this unprecedented catastrophe, we, all over Japan, have been making
all-out efforts to offer assistance to the disaster victims and to reconstruct the afflicted
areas with the warm support and encouragement of the international community.
We sincerely hope that Japan will unite in harmony based on the teachings of Lord
Buddha and recover and grow on strong. We will continue to provide material and
mental support to the victims of the disaster-stricken areas and to spread Buddhism,
which brings true peace and serenity to each and every people.
Last year, serious natural disasters occurred not only in Japan but also in Thailand,
Cambodia, and New Zealand. The torrential monsoons have caused extensive flooding
in Cambodia, Thailand, and neighboring countries, killing hundreds of people. New
Zealand was hit by the 6.3-magnitude earthquake which cost lives of over 180 people.
Although we have been continuously working on preparing for the next Buddhist
Summit, we are still in the process of scheduling the conference given these
circumstances. We will inform Your Most Venerable as immediately as possible when
the venue and dates are confirmed.
Lastly, I report here that we have been continuously holding special memorial
services every day for the victims of natural disasters that occurred last year all over
the world at the Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism.
Under the sacred blessings of Triple Gem, I sincerely pray the Buddha for Your
Most Venerable’s good health and serenity, with an earnest hope for the further promotion of
Buddhism in Brazil in 2012.


Sincerely yours in the Dharma,
Ven. Hiroshi Fujikura
Secretary General of Buddhist Summit
World Buddhist Supreme Conference