Most Venerable

Dr. Kyuse Enshinjoh

President and Founder of Nembutsu Shu Sect of Japan

President of the World Buddhist Summit

(Supreme Conference)

1-2, 5-chome Motomachi-dori

Chuo-ku – Kobe city


650-0022 Japan



Most Venerable Sir,


It is now middle autumn in Brazil and the beautiful trees by the lake are changing their leaves. I hope Your Most Venerable is in good health to keep on inspiring more and more people all over the World to follow the precious Teachings of Lord Buddha.


I acknowledge the receiving of a letter, in which Your Most Venerable tells great news. I am really glad to know that H.M. King Norodom Sihanouk has accepted the honorary title of “Supreme Royal Father of the World Buddhism”, kindly offered by Your Most Venerable.


As it was clearly explained in the letter, H.M. Norodom Sihanouk is a real Buddhist follower that has proved to be a great sovereign for his people and a valuable supporter of the Buddhadharma. Therefore, it was one more wise decision of Your Most Venerable to offer H.M. King Sihanouk of Cambodia such a honorable title.


Through this letter, I sincerely congratulate with Your Most Venerable and H.M. King Norodom Sihanouk for this auspicious occasion.



In the Buddhadharma,


भन्ते सुनन्थो भिक्षु

Rev. Sunantho Bhikshu

Representative of Brazil

In The World Buddhist Summit

(Supreme Conference)